The Eleven Most Endangered Historic Places in Nevada

Using the model of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Preserve Nevada releases a biannual Eleven Most Endangered Places list. After soliciting advice from individuals, organizations and agencies throughout the state, and collecting information concerning the many threatened and saved sites throughout our state, the Board of Directors of Preserve Nevada pick sites deemed most deserving at the time. Eleven is hardly enough to cover the state and we welcome suggestions for future lists.

The goal of these lists is to bring attention to significant buildings, sites and landscapes that face a threat. Like the national list we hope to gather support for the effort to record and preserve the history of our unique state. Nevadans are proud of their heritage but many of our new residents are unaware of the richness of the state’s past and the threats our historic resources face now and in the future. Preserve Nevada hopes that the Eleven Most list will be a way to appeal to natives and newcomers alike to rally around our history and preserve at least a piece of our past for future generations.

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